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Your First Look at Mercuri

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[Photos: Randall Brodeur]

Joe Mercuri, formerly of Brontë, recently sat down to discuss his return to Montreal's restaurant scene. The new venture, entitled Mercuri, will occupy a vast corner of the red brick Milgram building on the corner of Wellington and Soeurs Grises in the Old Montreal-adjacent Cité Multimédia.

The project features an L-shaped arrangement divided into two distinct sections; a more casual 60-seater and a 40-seat space where the vibe will lean fine-dining.

A bespoke kitchen, or kitchens rather, will feature a Combi oven and an open concept wood and charcoal oven for bar patrons to admire. Though some design concessions had to be made as a result of the old industrial layout, from the looks of it, few shortcuts have been taken to ensure that Mercuri and his brigade have whatever they need.


Mercuri's partner is the Laval-based Houston Canada Inc. restaurant group. The building itself is owned by Allied Properties, a Toronto-based real estate trust. Mercuri looks set to open sometime in November.
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