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Reviews for Pub Sir Joseph, Rasoï, Ludger and More

Marie-Claude Lortie likes Martin Juneau's latest concept well enough, despite the decibel level and the fact the British pub theme flounders in parts: "Deux visites et c'était chaque fois bondé, vivant, solidement actif, pour ne pas dire un peu bruyant (90 décibels, disait le compteur). Bref, cette enceinte semble avoir trouvé chaussure à son pied." [La Presse]

Saint-Henri newcomer Rasoï may not want to stray too far from India's culinary staples, says Lesley Chesterman: "Despite my large number of criticisms, I would return to Rasoi. Yes, I would. That is, if I lived in the area. But I would settle on a few of the tamer dishes over the more fusion-style plates. So, basically, I'd eat the Indian food." [Gazette]

Another Saint-Henri spot, Ludger, wins over Andrée Harvey, thanks to Adam Aspelund's food: "Les sliders, ou petits sandwichs, sont deux pochettes formées par des pains nan maison pliés en deux farcis d'une garniture de tranches de langue de veau et de pickles. Une mayo maison lie les ingrédients. Savoureux et audacieux." [Voir]

Sarah Musgrave visits Geppetto's new pizzeria in Rosemont and recommends diners keep it basic: "The pizza turned out to be the best thing on the table, the bottom line at a place like this. If I were to go back to Geppetto — and if I lived around the corner and had the type of income referred to as disposable, I probably would — the meal plan of attack would be to keep it simple. There are indubitably things on the roster that could become favourites, we just didn't stumble across them." [Gazette]

With the arrival of a former Tri apprentice, Michael Buck is confident in Duluth's sushi cred: "Bottom line: [Saint Sushi] may not be the best sushi in the city, but it's right up there at the top, and at less than half the price of the other restaurants in its class." [CultMTL]

Château Amoo Jamal is an authentic Persian pit stop in N.D.G., reports Emily Raine: "Everything we ate was delicious, so much so that we barely noticed the glaring lights and vaguely makeshift table set-up. While the atmosphere is a far cry from the dim romance most restaurants aim for, the loud Farsi chatter from surrounding tables made the space feel lively, and was a testament to the food's authenticity." [CultMTL]


4001 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Le Sud-Ouest, QC H4C 1R3 (438) 383-3229 Visit Website

Pub Sir Joseph

4902 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R5 (514) 564-7477 Visit Website