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Timbit Canapés, Hof Kelsten's Menu and More

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DOWNTOWN— Matthew DeMille (at left, with Joe Beef's Dave McMillan and winemaker Norman Hardie) of Prince Edward County's Pomodoro, made a canapé with a Timbit, lamb liver mousse, grape jelly and pumpkin seeds at the Somewhereness Ontario wine event at SAT yesterday. [Instagram]

AWARDS— enRoute's annual Canada's Best New Restaurants press junket takes place tomorrow. Montreal restaurants up for the top honour include Maison Publique, BarBounya, Mezcla and Hôtel Herman. [EaterWire]

PLATEAU— The bagpipe player at the Joe Beef-Moishes benefit dinner made a funny Vine. [Twitter]

DOWNTOWN— Deville Dinerbar has tempura lasagna on the menu. Move over cronuts and foie gras Double Downs. [Twitter]

MILE END— Hof Kelsten has a new website to go with those spiffy new digs. Aside from the obvious draw - bread - other menu items include soups (borscht, matzo ball) and sandwiches (chopped liver, gravlax, chicken salad). [EaterWire]
[Photo: Instagram]

Joe Beef

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Deville Dinerbar

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SAT FoodLab

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