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Chefs for Seals Seafood Boycott Details

Photo: Bonjour Quebec

Below is an excerpt from an email Eater Montreal received from Kathryn Kullberg, ?Director of Wildlife Protection at The Humane Society of the United States. In it is a partial list of prominent American chefs who have pledged to boycott some aspect of the Canadian seafood industry.

I have marked below what each chef has pledged to boycott (either all Canadian seafood, seafood from seal hunting provinces specifically, or snow crabs from Canada). Please let me know if you have any additional questions! Thanks again.

Gabrielle Hamilton: All seafood
Curtis Stone: Seal Hunting Provinces
Kerry Simon: All seafood
Sean Brock: All Seafood
Danny Bowien: Seal Hunting Provinces
Mario Batali: All Seafood
Michael Symon: Seal Hunting Provinces
Alex Stupak: All Seafood
Gabriel Rucker: Seal Hunting Provinces
Michael Voltaggio: Snow Crabs
Alex Guarnaschelli: Snow Crabs
Cat Cora: All Seafood
Michelle Bernstein: Seal Hunting Provinces
Richard Blais: Snow Crabs
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