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Food & Wine Star Chef Talks to CBC About Boycott


Virginia chef Cathal Armstrong is proud to be one of the Humane Society's 'Chefs for Seals' and spoke about his involvement with CBC Quebec City's Susan Campbell yesterday.

When asked to explain the relationship between a ban on all Canadian seafood and sealing, Armstrong stated that "the majority of sealers, as they are called, are fishermen in the off season."

John Bil, Canada's shellfish shaman, spoke to Eater Montreal about Armstrong's claim.

Many sealers are fishermen. But the vast majority of fishermen are not sealers. 200,000 plus fisheries workers. Less than 1,000 sealers. My friends who grow halibut on PEI, on land, are farmers, not fishermen. How are they responsible for seal harvests? Trout farmers in Ontario? Why should they be punished? People who work in fish plants can't control the sealing industry. These people make 12 bucks an hour. These are the only jobs around. They will be out of jobs.

Virginia Chef Talks Canadian Seafood Boycott to CBC

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