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Adam Ganten's Epic Hair of the Dog Recipe

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Adam Ganten, chef de cuisine at Ahuntsic's Le St-Urbain and, intriguingly, a karate black belt, recently shared a tale of hangover woe and recovery with Eater Montreal.

So here's the story behind this hangover remedy. I normally would just make myself a Caesar to rule them all, chock full of garnish and heavy on the horseradish to remedy my hangovers. Then one night about two weeks ago, I was having a couple of drinks with my friend at 132 Bar Vintage right near the restaurant. The place was packed and things got a little wild, so needless to say that both he and I were a complete wreck the next morning. I saw Jean-Maxime from my kitchen, walking haggardly towards his bar to open up. I went out to see if he was in fact feeling as terrible as I. And indeed he was. We chatted a bit and decided that we needed to make a "hair of the dog" type of concoction to help us get through what would for sure be another very busy night. And even though it started as a bit of a joke, (garnishes got a bit out of control) we came up with a fresh and clean cocktail that made us feel great.

The Devil's Hangover
1 oz gin
1/2 oz Chartreuse
1.5 oz celery, cucumber, lime juice (4 Lebanese cucumbers, 6 celery stalks and juice of 3 limes and about 250 ml water blended and passed through a fine strainer. Yields about 750 ml)
1 dash Tabasco
1/2 egg white
3/4 oz simple syrup
Dash of salt

Dry shake then shake on ice well for frothiness.
Add 3 drops Peychaud's bitters on top.
Jalapeño pepper garnish for fun.
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