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Hangover Cures

hangover-ph.jpgAs a hangover panacea, Stelio Perombelon, executive chef at Sinclair, prefers ginger ale with extra grated ginger. "Kinda figured that out when working with [Joe Beef's] Fred Morin in 1999. Been using it since. I also add crushed basil and shredded lemongrass. As for a bite when you've hit the booze too hard, Chinatown has no equal. I like Beijing or Dynasty. Sometimes I still go for a bacon cheesebuger at McDonald's and a Gatorade. But that doesn't happen a lot these days because I run 40 to 50 km per week."

Restaurant Beijing

92 rue de la Gauchetière O, Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1C1 (514) 861-2003