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Blogger Soirée at Racines Yields Positive Review

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MTL Cuisine, the publicist-happy restaurant group behind Bar & Boeuf, Helena, Venti and Les 400 Coups, threw a "soirée média" for a cast of usual suspects to promote the company's most recent project in Old Montreal. Open less than a week, a few keeners were swift to report on Racines posthaste. And while the plates of chef Simon Mathys look lovely as ever, one particular reviewer, the ironically-named Shut up and eat, was so anxious to file a report that grammar and neutrality fell by the wayside.

You know that saying, "Too much of a good thing is bad for you"? Well, who ever invented that phrase is obviously and idiot? a bitter idiot how never had the opportunity to surround themselves with awesome people, food, video games, flowers, hot chicks, strippers, midgets and balloons. When going to a restaurant and the menu looks tantalizing, more often than not I'm tempted to order one of everything. But unfortunately, maybe this idiotic idiom rings true; too much food will be definitely not good? for the wallet, waistline and gout diagnosis. I was invited to the media tasting for the new spot in the Old Port Racine where they set out to publicly defy this adage.
Although it's only been open roughly a couple of weeks, I would say that most of the kinks have been worked out service and kitchen wise. The few things that I think can be improved on isn't something Racines doesn't already know about, and by the time this is published has probably been rectified tenfold above and beyond. If the management and execution of MTL Cuisine's other amazingly successful establishments are any indication of what is in store for Racines, it's safe to say that their roots are being planted firm for many more years (and restaurants!) to come.

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