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We Know What Marc-André Jetté Is Up To

Photo: Olivier Tétreault

He recently left Les 400 Coups with pastry chef Patrice Demers and sommelière Marie-Josée Beaudoin to pursue other projects. In the weeks and months since, some have asked (like yesterday, for example), "Mais il est où Marc-André Jetté?"

Good question. And one, happily, with an answer. For now and until late December, Jetté will guest at Chez Lëon, the annual Québécois-style Christmas bash at the Scena space in Quai Jacques-Cartier, Old Montreal.

Jetté follows in the footsteps of other Chez Lëon guest chefs like Danny St-Pierre, Éric Dupuis and Laurent Godbout. Have a gander at his yuletide menu.

majettemenu.jpg[Photo: Chez Lëon]

This is far from the big news about Jetté, however. That came courtesy of Patrice Demers yesterday.

Yes, look for a new Jetté restaurant sometime in 2014.
· Chez Lëon [Official Site]

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