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Free of Fungi, Nancy Hinton's Menu Moves On

thesetwo.jpg[Photo: À la Table des Jardins Sauvages]

Chef Nancy Hinton and husband/forager/partner François Brouillard are so invariably linked with mushrooms that it borders on a culinary Catch-22. As nice as it is to harvest and serve their all-fungi menu at À la Table des Jardins Sauvages, it must equally gratify the couple to be done with it and move on to other comestible challenges.

With that, Hinton's new menu (not completely free of mushrooms) drops this Saturday. Items in italics denote pure insanity.

À la Table des Jardins Sauvages Menu

· Oyster duo with wild mushrooms: King Bolete - cider mignonette, autumn Oyster Mushroom sabayon; antipasto of Hen of the Woods, Swollen Stalked Cat and Matsutake, daisy

· Hubbard and Sweet Mama squash soup with curry, Pink Banana squash and ginger, fresh goat cheese with scape and sumac

· Organic guinea fowl confit with sea spinach and wild mustard, celery root purée and foie gras sauce, remoulade with butternut squash, sea parsley, bee balm and crinkleroot leaf

· Venison from the farm: pan-roasted and ossobucco, elderberry and sarsparilla pan sauce, spaghetti squash, goatsbeard sprouts, cattail spear

· Optional: Quebec cheeses from the region, chutney and homemade bread (100 g for two, $20 supplement)

· Apple and partridgeberry cake with sweet clover flower, sweetgrass caramel, Maple Scented Lactarius mushroom ice cream with hazelnuts

The $85 prix fixe, good from November 16 to 30, includes tax but not tip. BYOB and, importantly, cash only.
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