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Joël Chapoulie Wins Lifer Award

chapoulie.jpg[Photo: Flickr]

Joël Chapoulie, the original chef of L'Express, who retired in 2012 after more than three decades at the nonpareil rue Saint-Denis bistro, is the recipient of Eater Montreal's inaugural Lifer Award. The award singles out a member of the city's culinary scene for extraordinary commitment, work ethic and service.

L'Express partner Mario Brossoit spoke to Eater Montreal about his friend and longtime chef: "Merci d'avoir pensé à Joël comme récipiendaire de ce premier prix pour l'ensemble de sa carrière. Tout comme vous, nous croyons qu'il le mérite bien et tout comme lui, nous en sommes très touchés."

Joe Beef's Dave McMillan had this to say about chef Chapoulie: "He's my idol. For me and Fred [Morin] cooking for him at Joe Beef was one of the most satisfying moments of our careers."

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