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Le St-Urbain Turns 5 on December 21

maroyalfive.jpg[Screengrab: YouTube]

As his Twitter and Instagram followers well know, Marc-André Royal is not short on passion. The chef/owner of Ahuntsic's Le St- Urbain and La Bête à Pain will presumably exude some of his trademark enthusiasm when the former turns five on December 21.

In a brief exchange with Eater Montreal today, Royal divulged some details about the restaurant's impending milestone.

We're keeping it simple but classy. We have 25 bottles of Champagne to drink that night with our best customers - and new ones too - and, of course, our staff. I will personally be making three dishes on top of the regular menu: caviar with smoked butter brioche and crème fraiche; Kumamoto oysters with gold leaf; sturgeon and lobster parfaits.

The six-course Champagne dinner is $125 a head before wine, tax and tip. À la carte will also be available. The event is two-thirds sold out, with 25 spots currently left. Royal promises "lots of extras ... as in generous on the caviar and oysters and stuff!"

In response to a question about tweets such as this and this - and in the wake of La Bête à Pain's recent acquisition of a liquor permit - Royal also expounded on the nuances of private import wine sales.

You must buy a "meal" with a bottle. It works here because we already sell 600-800 meals to go a week. Our prices are affordable because our margins are very small. The price of wine has to be the same if you drink it inside or if you take out.

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