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Three Restaurant Réveillons to Consider

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aubstgab.jpg[Photo: L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel]

A lot of restaurants, wisely, close up over the holidays. Some braver ones, however, deem it worthwhile to stay open at the end of December. The most audacious go full throttle with lavish New Year's Eve blowouts.

The time to book a table at one of these establishments, of course, is now. A roundup of three notable réveillons to the wire so far, then.

L'Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel— New Year's Eve at the Old Montreal restaurant costs $165 for dinner and the party but for a cool $600 you can upgrade to Dom Pérignon VIP status.


Chez Victoire— Owner Edward Zaki and co. have a Great Gatsby theme in store for Plateau's Chez Victoire on December 31. $200 gets you 14 bouchées, oyster bar access, open bar and limitless wine.


Au Cinquième Péché— Convivial rue Saint-Denis bistro Au Cinquième Péché has a five course menu in mind for New Year's Eve. The $70 pricetag includes bubbly.


· Auberge Saint-Gabriel [Official Site]
· Chez Victoire [Official Site]
· Au Cinquième Péché [Official Site]

Chez Victoire

1453 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, QC H2J 1Z1 (514) 521-6789 Visit Website