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Van Horne to Get Swiss On Sundays


Van Horne is about to get festive, après-ski style, just in time for colder temperatures. The Outremont restaurant will host "all you can eat Raclette" Sundays - with a twist - as of this Sunday.

Owner Sylvie Lachance: "It is simple: this is a convivial evening on Sundays. There is nothing more frustrating than to order Raclette and it comes already sliced in your plate and you heat it up and it costs a lot. At Van Horne, you will be in charge of your own. You will decide when and how much you want to eat directly from the machines (the real ones). And it comes with the works – grisons, potatoes, salads, gherkins, marinated onions, mushrooms, cumin and so on. All of this, on display at the bar."

"It is 'all you can eat Raclette' but with a twist. Good Swiss wines, good ambiance. For those who can yodel - for real - I offer a glass of wine. I am aiming for the neighbourhood but also for people who work in the industry that have a day off on Sunday."


Why Raclette? Why the Swiss theme? Lachance's partner in life and business, Urs Jakob, is a native of Bern by way of Emmental. The Van Horne owner, in other words, comes from a place, where, as Lachance put it, "Raclette is definitely a family and friends affair where you share a meal with people you love but also with people you have yet to discover."

As for those Swiss Romand expressions on the Van Horne flyer, Lachance was happy to translate:
Ça monstre bien: "Very, enormous, good, cool"
Ça joue: "C'est ok, ca marche, ça fonctionne. The equivalent of it's ok let's do it."
Service!: "Let's go!"

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