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No-Shows Mar Debut Of Taste MTL for One Restaurant

tastemtlvictoire.jpg[Photo: Twitter]

Hot off some tweets from chefs stiffed last minute by no-shows, Susan Schwartz wrote a piece in The Gazette last week about the consequences of not honouring restaurant reservations. The likes of Ryan Gray (Nora Gray), Jon Bloom and Amelia Stines (Tuck Shop), and OpenTable's Brandon Bidlack were widely quoted.

Not everyone got the message, however. The day Schwartz's piece was published online (and on the opening night of Taste MTL), Edward Zaki, a partner in Confusion, Chez Victoire and BarBounya, tweeted this.

Zaki, fittingly, tweeted a link to Schwartz's story the next day.
· Hey, You Resto No-Shows? Shame On You [Gazette]

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