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Take Me Out to Le Ballpark - for Boulettes

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Le Ballpark is now open in Mile Ex / Little Italy. The comfort food spot is from the same group behind Café Ellefsen in La Petite-Patrie.

ADDENDUM: Le Ballpark partner Guillaume Filion kindly wrote to Eater Montreal to clarify the ownership scenario: "We are not related to Café Ellefsen although he [Café Ellefsen's François Thibeault] worked for us for a few weeks. We are a new set of partners."

The casual restaurant replaces BYOW Zitto E Mangia and looks to infuse the corner of Clark and Saint-Zotique with a viable alternative to mainstay Dinette Triple Crown.

The name, presumably, comes from the restaurant's proximity to Jarry Park, the one-time home of the Montreal Expos. Though a more plausible explanation may be Le Ballpark's apparent specialty: boulettes.

Yes, the restaurant is all in with the meatball theme. So much so that the item has a specific section on Le Ballpark's menu. In a recent featurette, Elle Québec reports that the kitchen plans to unveil five new recipes every week, from a total roster of 250.

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Le Ballpark

6660 Clark, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3E7 (438) 384-6660 Visit Website