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The Lowlights From Frunchroom's First Yelp Review

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frunchroom2.jpg[Photos: Frunchroom, Google Maps]

Frunchroom is a "Chicago bar and pizzeria" or, if you prefer, "Italian fusion diner and bar" and brainchild of one Mohamad Turkieh, a real estate developer and property manager from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The latest restaurant "concept" to hit René-Lévesque Boulevard recently threw a launch party (for publicists and bloggers, presumably) that drew this remarkable review on Yelp from Liza L.

The quotable lowlights:

· "It was busy, but not in the good way."

· "Waited 35 minutes to merely place our order, another 40 minutes to receive the first appetizer, and another 40 minutes to receive our main."

· "All the help we spoke to conversed mainly in French and when spoken to in English they replied 'Oh I do not speak English I only speak French'"

· "After finally placing our order, the waitress returned only to tell us that the arancini (risotto balls) had run out. (...) She returned later once again to inform us that one of the mains we had ordered had also run out. Sigh. Quel suprise."

· "More waiting followed and finally, our mains arrived, two beef tartares. I say beef "tartare" merely because that's what they named it- I would call it a beef paste."

· "In full disclosure, all food menu items were 50% off at this event."

· Frunchroom [Official Site]


1425 boul. René-Lévesque Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1T7 (514) 449-1299 Visit Website