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Dynamic Duo Behind Les Chèvres To Reunite

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Back in October, GQ food writer Alan Richman had this to say about a restaurant some in Montreal still whisper about in reverent tones.

Les Chèvres in Outremont was a favourite. I was crazy about that place. It was stunning. I didn't like vegetables that much - I still don't - but it was staggeringly good. The emphasis on vegetables and local ingredients was ahead of its time. If it were still open, Les Chèvres would be modern today.

Well, diners can get the full Les Chèvres (and Le Chou) experience next January 28 in conjunction with Restaurant Van Horne owners Sylvie Lachance and Urs Jakob. Chefs Stelio Perombelon (Sinclair) and Patrice Demers (Patrice Pâtissier) will co-anchor the six course retro menu. Price-tag: $70 per person, $115 with wine.

· Van Horne [Official Site]

Van Horne Restaurant

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