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Morentzos TV, Butcher Calls Plumber, Baker on Roll

MORENTZOS WIRE— La Queue de Cheval owner Peter Morentzos was live on Canada AM today to talk Greek holiday food and, presumably, to promote Trinity Taverna in Toronto (where, apparently, he drops a few curse words in the kitchen from time to time). [Canada AM]

MILE END— 'Tis the season for burst pipes, as Boucherie Lawrence had the misfortune to discover yesterday. [Twitter]

AHUNTSIC— Agri-tech innovator and heirloom veg purveyor Lufa Farms threw a holiday staff party at La Bête à Pain yesterday. [Instagram]

MILE END— First babka. Now pannetone. Baker Jeffrey Finkelstein is on a roll. [Instagram]

HONEY WIRE— Miel d'Anicet's bees sleep in igloos. [Twitter]

RIVE SUD— Better designate a driver if you party to excess over the holidays at Chez Lionel. [Twitter]

FOOD MEDIA— HuffPost Canada's look at the best restaurants of 2014, chef version, includes Montreal reps Joe Beef, Maison Publique, Au Pied de Cochon, L'Express, Monkland Tavern, Park and Garde-Manger. For his part, television chef Michael Smith recommends Ferreira Café. [Twitter]
[Screengrab: Canada AM]

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