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Mayor Burger, Croquembouches Madness, Globe at 20

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BURGER WIRE— Yes, that is Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, who looks like he enjoys a good burger from time to time, at Dic Ann's. No word on whether His Honour cast a vote in the iconic chain's anniversary logo design contest. [Twitter]

PLATEAU— Culinary students at the ITHQ went HAM on croquembouches this week. [Facebook]

PLATEAU— Main mainstay Globe put together a video with partner Roberto Pesut to commemorate the restaurant's 20th anniversary. [YouTube]

VERDUN— You still have time to dine like a sultan at Su over the holidays. [Instagram]

OLD MONTREAL— Garde-Manger's taco party pièce de résistance is porktacular. [Instagram]

SPIN-OFFS— MASSMNGMNT corp.'s Marché 27 restaurant brand has a line of sauces now. [Twitter]

CHINATOWN— Orange Rouge chef Aaron Langille keeps it real when it comes to black bean bivalves. [Twitter]

FOOD TV— Mezcla got a chance to shine for the cameras yesterday. [Twitter]

PLYWOOD REPORT— After a long hiatus, the Première Moisson on Mont-Royal Est is back. [Twitter]

Restaurant Globe

3455 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2T6 514-284-3823

Orange Rouge

106 rue de la Gauchetière Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1L1 (514) 861-1116


3535 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2X 3P1 514-282-5111 Visit Website