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Will Ferreira Upgrade YUL Grub to First Class?

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yulbig.jpg[Photo:, La Presse]

Food has never been front of mind at Trudeau International but that may be about to change. Aéroports de Montréal, the local airport authority, circulated a press release yesterday that trumpets the hub's new restaurant and boutique bona fides.

With regard to the former, passengers now have a few more choices. Namely:

· "Café Vasco da Gama, designed by Carlos Ferreira [above], with its one-of-a-kind bar-terrasse concept."
· "Archibald, a microbrew pub renowned for its range of beers and original menu items."
· "Vino Volo, a new wine and tapas bar."
· "Les Délices de l'Érable, a 'bistro-boutique' featuring a wide range of maple-based and other local products."
· "The always enticing Jugo Juice and Sushi Shop."

Some food nerds in town may not concur with the lofty PR hyperbole but perhaps this is all a positive development for an airport that has not exactly elicited raves from frequent flyers.

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