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Friends of Eater on Montreal Standbys of 2013

As is tradition at Eater, we wind up the year with a survey of Montreal food writers. We put eight questions to the group, from Biggest Surprise to Best Meals. All will be answered by the time we turn off the lights at the end of the week. Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut, pasted and unedited herein. Readers, please do add your survey answers in the comments.
yearineatergrumman.jpg[Photo: Randall Brodeur]

Q: What were your top restaurant standbys of 2013?

Lesley Chesterman, Gazette critic: In my spare time I like to go to Leméac and L'Express, Moishes too, La Famille was inspired, and I take my kids to L'Orchidée de Chine because they love it.

Jean-Philippe Tastet, Le Devoir critic: La Famille.

Marie-Claude Lortie, La Presse critic: Brasserie T. Classic, reliable. Love classic cooking more that ever these days.

Andrée Harvey, Voir critic: Restaurant Helena.

Gildas Meneu, Voir critic: Laloux. Depuis que Jonathan Lapierre est aux commandes, je ne me lasse jamais d'y retourner. Une cuisine inventive et impeccable. Un secret bien gardé à Montréal ! Je vais aussi souvent au Nouveau Palais, parce que c'est délicieux et à côté de chez moi !

Gemma Horowitz, CultMTL critic: PM for reliable Cantonese. Nouveau Palais for burger/fries/beer. Magpie.

Bill Zacharkiw, Gazette wine writer: Always L'Express.

Joanna Fox, co-author of Chuck's Day Off and former critic/writer for Montreal Mirror and CultMTL: Bethlehem XXX. With its eclectic atmosphere and ever changing weekly menu (Indian week being especially memorable), I never went to Bethlehem and didn't have a great time. And I went there a lot.

Ian Harrison, Eater editor: The bars at L'Express and Maïs. Magpie pizza. I crave Cuisine Szechuan on Guy from time to time. Brasserie T! and Nora Gray. Dinette Triple Crown forever.

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