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Friends of Eater Name the Best 'Hoods of 2013

As is tradition at Eater, we wind up the year with a survey of Montreal food writers. We've already covered Best Standbys, Top Newcomers and 2013 in One Word. Now it's time to look at Montreal's Best 'Hoods of 2013.
yearineaterimpasto.jpg[Photo: Randall Brodeur]

Q: What was the best dining neighbourhood of 2013?

Lesley Chesterman, Gazette critic: Little Italy, but that's not saying much because the split was pretty even.

Jean-Philippe Tastet, Le Devoir critic: Mile-End.

Marie-Claude Lortie, La Presse critic: Mile End.

Andrée Harvey, Voir critic: Sud-Ouest (St-Henri, Griffintown, Verdun).

Gildas Meneu, Voir critic: J'adore le Mile-End, mon coin. Mais le quartier de l'année est sans aucun doute le sud-ouest, de Verdun à Griffintown en passant par Saint-Henri! Trop de nouveautés dans ces quartiers en ébullition.

Gemma Horowitz, CultMTL critic: It's kind of a production to eat at the Mile End/St-Henri restaurants everyone talks about. The area around Concordia still has the best variety of good cheap eats.

Bill Zacharkiw, Gazette wine writer: Little Burgundy.

Joanna Fox, co-author of Chuck's Day Off and former critic/writer for Montreal Mirror and CultMTL: St-Henri, if anything for sheer volume. There were so many great restaurant openings this year, but St-Henri is now in a food vortex all its own.

Ian Harrison, Eater editor: Mile End for breadth and depth. Covers the high and low, bars, cafés, butchers, bakers, purveyors with aplomb.

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