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The Most Moveable Tweets of 2013

mtltweets.jpg[Photo: Twitter]

As we close the book on 2013 and wrap up all Year in Eater coverage, follow along as we cherry-pick some of the most moveable tweets from the past 12 months in Montreal food. The social media platform gave us some epic local scoops and made us laugh, cry, quiver with rage, salivate and, yes, think.

From the hashtag meme par excellence to street food, the Chefs For Seals controversy to the quotable Bourdain, this is a snapshot of the year that was, Twitter-style.


The Office québécois de la langue française chides the management of Buonanotte for the use of "pasta", "antipasti" and "calamari" on the restaurant's menu. The result is total mayhem.

Bourdain and Montreal Redux

Anthony Bourdain was all over Montreal - once more - in 2013. CNN Parts Unknown Quebec episode, a Guts and Glory tour stop at Place des Arts with Dave McMillan and Fred Morin, The Taste - also with the Joe Beef duo - and so on. The Kitchen Confidential author even wore a Habs lid on a hunt with Daniel Boulud.

Chefs For Seals

When the likes of Bourdain and chefs in Montreal and across the country got wind that a brigade of Food & Wine 'Best New Chefs' had joined a Humane Society and Nigel Barker-led pledge to ban Canada's seafood industry over the commercial seal hunt, shit hit the fan.

V.I.P. Visits

2013 saw a decent run of star chef, sommelier, wine producer and food personality visits to the city. To wit:


From a burlesque cum aphrodisiac "concept" restaurant to two rare zero star reviews from Lesley Chesterman, 2013 was a banner year for shitshows (and this is exclusive of #Pastagate). And as usual, publicists and food bloggers were in the mix.

Street Food

For many, the story of the year in Montreal food was the return - after a crazy-long hiatus - of street food.

Random Notables

A selection of random tweets that caught our attention over the last year. By no means an exhaustive list - but enjoy nonetheless.

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