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Anthony Bourdain Still Loves the Habs


Anthony Bourdain is currently in Lyon on what looks like a culinary fantasy tour with the venerable Paul Bocuse and Daniel Boulud.

All well and good but look at the lid the CNN Parts Unknown host chose to don on a hunt with Boulud.

bourdainhabs.jpg[Photo: Twitter]

Yes, a Habs hat. In the French countryside. On a bird hunt with a Michelin three-star chef.

Clearly this quote, from a short interview with Le Tricolore's official magazine earlier this year, still holds:

I'm going to be a Montreal fan for lifeyou never forget your first! That was my first hockey game in my entire life. I had a great time, greatly aided by the fact that I was there with Martin [Picard], Fred [Morin], Dave [McMillan] and Normand [Laprise] – all these chefs who are really passionate Montreal Canadiens fans.

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