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Charc To Go, Faita TV, Best Cookbooks and More

MILE END— Good news for charc fans who want to spruce up the old holiday table. As of this week you can order from Le Comptoir to go. Currently on the menu: cumin sausage, fennel sausage, figatelli and sopressata. [Instagram]

FOOD TV— Venerable Little Italy cook Elena Faita joins her son on the set of In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita on CBC today. [CBC]

LITTLE ITALY— The new line of dairy products from über-purveyor Société-Orignal is about to star on chef Michele Forgione's menu at Impasto. [Instagram]

MILE END— Maïs celebrates one year this weekend with a special dish. [Twitter]

COOKBOOK WIRE— Lesley Chesterman recommends 11 cookbooks as holiday gifts, most notably from the likes of Danny St-Pierre and Stefano Faita. []

VERDUN— Just look at the smoke ring on Dylan Kier's brisket at Blackstrap BBQ. []

PLATEAU— Nick Hodge has been a busy man ever since he left Kitchenette to oversee the kitchen at Icehouse full-time. The Texan's new menu item at his down-home Plateau joint will probably go over very well with regulars. [Twitter]

PLATEAU— Poutine emporium La Banquise gets in on La Grande Guignolée des Médias this week with poutine, beer and breakfast kickbacks for a good cause. [Facebook]

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