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H4C Now Open at Place Saint-Henri

Photo: H4C

The profusion of recent - and decent - bars, cafés and restaurants in Saint-Henri is the underdog food story of 2013 in Montreal. Keeners may want to annoint the old neighbourhood Mile End Lite but that seems premature at this point. Still, the arrival of Chef Dany Bolduc's H4C is unlikely to kill the buzz. The menu is on trend (and elevates amuses to apps status at $2.75 a pop) and ownership includes architects from sustainable design firm D3 Architecture, which explains the handsome old post office digs. The restaurant, with nary a Foursquare check-in or Yelp page, has been open a week.

Maude Rockwell: "Dynamic and branché, le H4C has a superb wine list (with a beautiful cellar to boot) and a menu that piques the curiosity."

Caroline Elie: "Try le H4C, a brand new concept at Place St-Henri! Swordfish + foie gras + truffle oil #onaime"

Jasmine McLean: "Salmon gravlax, avocado and kimchi from new spot H4C. #StHenri @ H4C Place St-Henri"

Katerine-Lune Rollet: "Official grand opening of @LeH4C . In the kitchen, Chef Dany Bolduc, formerly of Réservoir. Food photos tomorrow!"

And for fans of architecture reno porn, here's a necessary video interlude.

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