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Reviews for Chez Lionel, Micro Resto La Famille and Le Temps des Cerises

Fresh off a mostly positive review two weeks ago by Gildas Meneu in Voir, Ian Perrault's South Shore (and hotly-anticipated) return to the kitchen gets mixed marks from Lesley Chesterman in The Gazette: "I'm a fan of Perreault, so I'm happy to see him back in the saddle. But the ride at present is a bumpy one. It's still early days at Chez Lionel, but this team has to get a grip. That said, there was no missing how all the folks around me sure looked happy. Ah, the joys of the captive audience at the hip suburban restaurant. Young chef restaurateurs ? take note!" [The Gazette]

Sarah Musgrave bestows a rare "Great Bet" on Micro Resto La Famille in the Plateau. Quite possibly the smallest restaurant in the city, Musgrave was a fan of both food and service: "La Famille is a powerhouse of a team to be confined to this cute closet of a space. For now, they do morning wake-me-ups, Saturday brunches, lunches, and evening apéros (with wine events on Wednesday soirées, spotlighting a particular region). I'm curious as to what they'll get up to next, and hoping more whispers of reservation-only prix-fixe dinners become part of these family affairs." [The Gazette]

Marie-Claude Lortie had lukewarm words for Le Temps des Cerises in Danville in the Eastern Townships. The La Presse critic admits that she was very late for her reservation but had faint praise for the food: "Au dessert, un plat appelé «petit bedon» nous a fait sourire aussi. Une mousse au chocolat blanc en forme de cloche, recouvert d'une fine pellicule de cacao décorée d'une touche de rouge. Mignon, très simple. Techniquement impeccable, mais sans oh ni ah. Un peu à l'image de tout ce repas correct, mais un peu ennuyeux." [La Presse]
The most controversial statement in Lortie's review - that she had yet to discover many restaurants worth a special detour outside of Montreal - drew sharp words from Lesley Chesterman.

[Photo: Justin Tang, The Gazette]

Chez Lionel

1052 Lionel-Daunais suite 302, Boucherville, Québec J4B0B2 450 906 3886 Visit Website

Micro Resto La Famille

418, rue Gilford, Montréal, QC H2J 1N2 514-508-8700