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Antonio Park Gets Wasted for Vice

Photo: Facebook

Matty Matheson's bond with Montreal just got a little tighter. The executive chef at Toronto restaurants Parts and Labour and Oddfellows recently went on the mother of all benders with Park's Antonio Park. And Vice was there to capture it all.

The odd couple start off at Derek Dammann's Maison Publique with Nora Gray's Emma Cardarelli and Ryan Gray and then take the party to Snack'n Blues. Although the food and booze crawl was a reunion of sorts — this past July Matheson and his Group of Seven Chefs put on Hogtown Throwdown Part Deux with Park, Dammann, Cardarelli and Charles-Antoine Crête of Toqué! - the premise of the video, apparently, was to get adequately sauced to solicit Park's hangover cure recipe.

Video: Antonio Park's Hangover Cure

· Matty Matheson's Hangover Cures [Vice]
· Park [Official Facebook]

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