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Chiquen Coupe, Club Soda Lobby and Saika

Photo: @msullivan

MILE END— Punny placenames - often a creative necessity in the face of zealous Office québécois de la langue française inspectors - are rife in Montreal. Now we can add Chiquen Coupe to the list. The "new innovative concept" in "fast casual dining" is about to hatch any day now at Bernard and Waverly - surely one of the most desirable corners in the neighbourhood. [Chicken Coupe]

DOWNTOWN— Odd that Club Soda has not had a proper restaurant before now. Proper may not be the best term - Le Lobby is rather timid as far as concepts go - but the concert hall finally has some skin in the game, even if that means serving quiche Lorraine and Caesar salad to the Downtown East lunch crowd. [Club Soda]

DOWNTOWN— Saika is the latest addition to Montreal's izakaya boom. The Japanese restaurant takes over the space previously occupied by La Maison India on Beaver Hall Hill. [Chowhound]

Chiquen Coupe

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