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Look Who's Honouring Normand Laprise Now

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Photo: (c) Hans Laurendeau/Shoot Studio 2013

Chef Normand Laprise is on a bit of a roll. His restaurants Toqué! and Brasserie T! are humming along. The Toqué! cookbook won a James Beard award earlier this year. And the chef even had a plum stint as a judge on Les Chefs!.

Now comes word that the Chevalier de l'Ordre national du Québec has won another distinction. This one from France and Les Grandes Tables du Monde, a stodgy culinary arts association "committed to the defence of values such as the passion for flavour, the defence of heritage, and an innate sense of the art of living." Though typically reserved for Michelin-star chefs, Laprise's standing as a Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux, among other bona fides, seems to have precipitated the honour.

· Chef Normand Laprise of Montreal's Toqué! Restaurant receives new honour from France's Les Grandes Tables du Monde []
· Toqué! [Official Site]

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