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Martinique Gourmande, First Fridays and Oktoberfest

Looking for something to do this weekend and beyond? Here are three choice events going on around the city:
barbounya.jpg1) Martinique Gourmande
When: September 7 - 22
Where: 21 restaurants
What: The sixth edition of Martinique Gourmande is a partnership between Martinique Tourism and a handful of restaurants, like BarBounya, La Chronique, and Bistro Cocagne, that seeks to promote the cuisine of the island with special menus and events.
[Photo: BarBounya, Daniel Vadim]
firstfridays.jpg2) First Fridays at Olympic Stadium
When: September 6, October 4
Where: Olympic Park Esplanade
What: A host of food trucks - Dispatch, Monsieur Crémeux, Au Pied de cochon, Winneburger, Grumman 78 and more - privately imported wine and busking on the Olympic Park.
oktoberfest.jpg3) Festival Oktoberfest des Québécois
When: September 6 - 8
Where: Parc de L'Île-Lebel, Repentigny
What: A typical beer garden Oktoberfest but with a distinct Québécois slant, with only artisanal, craft brews from the province on offer.

La Chronique

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234 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, QC H2T 2N8 (514) 439-8858 Visit Website