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Nick Hodge Sells Kitchenette to Focus on Icehouse

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

Chef Nick Hodge and partner Nathalie Doucet have sold Kitchenette. The upscale Texas diner opened five years ago across from the CBC building and earned a steady clientele and overwhelmingly positive reviews. Hodge leaves the restaurant in the capable hands of his understudy and a team intent on maintaining the same concept.

Hi, gang:

After almost 6 years, Nat and I have decided to sell Kitchenette. Following the service of Saturday, September 14, we will be handing the reins over to Jerome, who is very excited to meet all of you. He is very committed to keeping Kitchenette the same as it is now, and, well, you are the biggest part of that.

Nat and I will sink our teeth deep into our other restaurant, Icehouse, and continue to look for new and exciting projects. We will keep you all posted, and, most importantly, we THANK EVERYONE so much for your love and support! We could not have asked for nicer folks to share Kitchenette with us.

See y'all soon!
Nich & Nat
p.s. you can get Icehouse updates on Twitter at @icehousemtl

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