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The Menu of Le Serpent, Open This Week

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When we compile the Year in Eater for 2014, will this be the menu everyone raves about? Maybe.

Fresh off a soft launch and a hefty side of buzz, Le Serpent is officially open for dinner (and lunch next week). Partner Hubert Marsolais was good enough to share chef Michele Mercuri's menu, which, on paper, looks awesome.

What immediately stands out? The daily rôtisserie specials, like bourbon and maple glazed ribs with remoulade and Cornish hen with Brussels sprouts and bacon. You can probably bet that Mercuri's pasta will impress and Masami Waki, of Le Club Chasse et Pêche, is a skillful pastry chef.

Le Serpent Menu

Oysters & maple mignonette (6 • 12 units) • 15 • 29
(Kit of 3) • 18
Urchin, lardo, bacon jam, toasted brioche
Striped bass, grapefruit, ginger jelly, fennel pollen
Mackerel, crushed lemon, almonds, dried olives

Caesar salad, pancetta, 65 degree egg, mackerel emulsion • 10
Beets, spicy pecans, parsnip chips, mandarine • 9
Quail, whipped liver, Fingerlings, mustard • 12
Octopus, potato mousseline, salsa verde • 16
Foie gras parfait, quince purée, Balsamic jelly, salty crumble • 16
Arctic char confit, fennel, Granny Smith, fennel pollen • 14

Linguini, speck, almonds, cauliflower, truffle brunoise • 16 • 24
Gemelli, clams, pesto, roasted tomato, ricotta • 13 • 19
Garganelli, duck sausage, Borlotti beans, carrots, Kale • 14 • 20
Agnolotti, chestnuts, braised rabbit, brocoli, orange confit • 16 • 24
Lobster, yellow beet, basil, mascarpone • 22
Orzzotto, veal shank, foie gras shavings • only 17

Homemade focaccia for the Darling Foundry • 1.5 / unit

Branzino, mussels, fregola, fennel, tomato, broth • 29
Cod, coco beans, artichoke, eggplant, black olives • 27
Leg of venison, polenta, pearl onions, maïtake, chicory • 28
Pork jowl, celeriac & mortadella pressé, smoked apple • 23

• Announced verbally for the first days •

Bourbon and maple glazed ribs, remoulade

Porchetta, lentils, mozzarella di Buffala

Lamb shoulder, pepperade, whipped potato

Hanger steak, radicchio, roasted carrots, Guinness

BBQ duck, soba noodles, marinated cucumber, sesame

Cornish hen, Brussels sprouts, bacon


Parfait aux noisettes et au chocolat noir, crème anglaise • 10

Tiramisu façon Masami et espresso minute • 11

Crostata, salade d'agrumes, glace kumquats, crème fraîche • 10

La Belle et la Bête
Pudding à l'érable, biscuit breton à l'olive, pomme compressée • 10

Black Velvet
Gâteau au chocolat, compote de figues, glace prune et Armagnac • 10

Chef pâtissière: Masami Waki

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