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Jeff Stinco Nabs Shinji Nagai for Rufus Rockhead

rufusrockheadstinco.jpg[Photo: Facebook, Facebook]

Jeff Stinco, guitarist for the pop punk band Simple Plan, has big plans for his new Griffintown project Rufus Rockhead.

The owner of Mangiafoco in Old Montreal has a strong partner in the kitchen too - or sushi bar - in the form of Shinji Nagai. Late of Le Club 357C and Mange Boire, Nagai is, in the esteem of some, a sushi chef on par with Antonio Park.

Now about the confusion over the Rufus Rockhead website. The site redirects to a dummy home page for now. Upon further investigation, the site owner is indeed Jeff Stinco and, moreover, the registrant organization one Brasseurs de West Shefford.

Yes, it seems the Simple Plan guitarist is in the brewery business now too. claims that Brasseurs de West Shefford is the former Le Chaudron and La Micro de Bromont.

Stinco owns the domain as well and the creator of the brewery's new logo, Laval firm Barnik, has done a ton of work for Simple Plan in the past.

The simple proof of the brewery acquisition, however, is the fact that the Simple Plan man (or Stinco Musique Inc. rather) is listed as one of the principals in the business number associated with Brasseurs de West Shefford. The business address is listed as 1728 rue Notre-Dame Ouest - next door to Rufus Rockhead.

Of note: Stinco also owns Looks like somebody wants to hype up his new chef.

Rufus Rockhead opens next week.

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Rufus Rockhead

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