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You Can Sleep Above Joe Beef Now

Photo: Facebook, Randall Brodeur

A night at Joe Beef need not border on overindulgence but more than one patron of the Little Burgundy restaurant has probably thought, after that last sip of Burgundy: "Hey, can I just crash here?"

Well, now you can. The apartment above Dave McMillan and Fred Morin's first restaurant is available for rent. And not just for customers of Joe Beef, Liverpool House and Le Vin Papillon. Appointments include art by Peter Hoffer, a rainshower bathroom, WiFi, a full shaker cupboard kitchen with pots, pans and tableware and, from the looks of the photos, wood beams replete with charcuterie.

But wait, there's more.

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Joe Beef

2491 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Le Sud-Ouest, QC H3J 1N6 (514) 935-6504 Visit Website