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More Fallout From Marché 27 Tartare Scandal

Photo: Google Maps, Marché 27, Wikipedia, Viandes Décarie

Some additional pertinent details about the Marché 27 tartare case that has one woman in hospital in critical condition and six others with E. coli infections.

· The incident was first reported on by the CBC on January 10 but the restaurant in question was not known at the time.

· The name of the restaurant was withheld by Quebec's Ministry of Health and by the Ministry of Agriculture. In the wake of a recent E. coli-free inspection, the government still refuses to finger Marché 27 as the culprit.

· The most vulnerable victim, Véronique Roger, a nurse at the Jewish General oncology clinic, is "fighting for her life."

· Roger ate a sampler of tartares at Marché 27 in December. Her mother told a Le Journal de Montréal reporter yesterday that the family "almost lost her."

· Another victim, Val d'Or resident Isabelle St-Jean, ate veal tartare at Marché 27 before a Pink concert at Centre Bell on December 3. St-Jean also spoke to Le Journal de Montréal:

Pour elle, il est clair que le problème vient du restaurant Marché 27. "Et c'est dommage parce que j'aimais beaucoup y manger. Mais là, ça m'étonnerait que je goûte à nouveau un tartare dans ma vie."

· Seven incidents of E. coli contamination from one restaurant is unusual. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency typically sees 20 cases per annum, on average.

· In spite of it all, some Marché 27 customers were utterly nonchalant about the affair.

· Here, too, a complete statement of denial from Viandes Décarie, the division of food services giant Colabor that distributes beef to Marché 27.

· From last November: Colabor Group reassures clients about the recall of ground beef from Lauzon Meats division.

· Bonus: the official announcement of Colabor's purchase of Viandes Décarie in 2011.

· Bonus: Marché 27's Yelp page.

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