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rrshinji.jpgSimple Plan guitarist Jeff Stinco took to the CBC airwaves yesterday to talk up his new Griffintown restaurants, Rufus Rockhead and Shinji. "Rufus Rockhead was the first really flamboyant character in the bar scene," Stinco told Homerun host Sue Smith. Stinco was promptly put in touch with a Martin Rufus Rockhead, who, apparently, was heretofore not privy to the fact that a restaurant was in the works with his grandfather's name. [CBC]

Le Shinji

1732 Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H3J 1M3 (438) 382-1270 Visit Website

Rufus Rockhead

1726 Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H3J 1M3 (438) 384-1272 Visit Website