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Fleury of Buzz for Ahuntsic Mystery Butcher

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Le St-Urbain and La Bête à Pain chef/owner Marc-André Royal is a tireless champion for Ahuntsic who has done as much as anyone to transform not just the mien but the image of Fleury Ouest. Now good news for carnivores in the 'hood.

So who is this mystery butcher? Will he or she follow in the artisanal mold of a Le Marchand du Bourg and Boucherie Lawrence? Does the Ahuntsic addition have anything to do with this?

Royal was mum on specifics but did offer up a teaser. The major takeaways:

1. The shop will open "soon."
2. The butcher is a friend Royal's.
3. Le St-Urbain and La Bête à Pain will support the project "big time."
4. The shop will specialise in aged meats.
5. The butcher did a stint at "an awesome butcher shop in Paris."

As for the locale, it looks as if the shop will open up in the former Boutique Francine at 55 Fleury Ouest.

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Le St-Urbain

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