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Régie, Police Curb Cavalli Liquor License

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In a move almost without precedent, Cavalli will go dry for 100 days. The compromise to suspend the liquor license of the Downtown restaurant was freely taken by ownership, apparently, after a confab with the Régie des alcools and the Montreal police department.

The nub of this extant saga is Cavalli's apparent links with some shady underworld players. A dozen, to be precise. All now face total exile from the restaurant.

This is all uncommon stuff from the Régie and police. After a similar incident last summer, Cavalli's management made a statement to La Presse.

It is unacceptable to infer that our restaurant is under the control of organized crime because individuals who had contact with the criminal justice system choose to dine here on occasion. If individuals are well known to police, they are not necessarily known to us. Cavalli is a reputable restaurant in Downtown Montreal, founded almost 10 years ago, and frequented by a regular clientele from the political, artistic, financial and sports arenas, as well as tourists from all walks of life.

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