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Arëm's Launch Party Redefines Shameless PR Schtick

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Bloggers at the trough.

Photo: Foursquare

A lavish publicist/blogger launch for new Griffintown restaurant Arëm took place yesterday. While some overexuberance was in full effect on Twitter and Instagram (as usual), several in attendance came to the same conclusion: good food but very expensive.

Arëm's site is sans prices, sadly. But what you do get, for now, is infinitely more enjoyable. This is the restaurant's take on brunch.

A declination of eight shades to explore our Antan inspired meals. Fruits and vegetables from nomadic lands will be savored accompanied with hot beverages. A sparkling conclusion.

Also, this delicious blurb about chef/owner Reza Azarpoor.

His atypical journey made him an exceptional man and chef, an inventor of culinary creations that are just as surprising as his background. He invites you to discover the flavors of his many trips and his passion for the Ottoman Empire, in a precious and unique environment, created straight out of his imagination.

As for the space, Azarpoor (who doubles as a professional architect) seems to have gone Aladdin chic. One blogger felt duly transported: "Je me sentais ailleurs, comme si j'étais à New York."

There was also this.

And this.

peppermillarem.jpg[Photo: Instagram]

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