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Lenny Lighter Talks Moishes Dry-Aged Beef

moishesdryaged.jpg[Photo: Randall Brodeur]

Moishes (re)introduced dry-aged beef over the weekend and customers went for it in a big way. All somewhat of a surprise to owner Lenny Lighter:

We quickly sold out - I couldn't believe it. I thought we had enough product for the whole week but by Saturday we were done. Dry-aged is more expensive so I thought there would be some resistance. But everyone went for it.

The steakhouse's focus, for now, is on USDA Prime New York Strips (the norm at Moishes is Certified Angus Choice). Price tag for a 16-ounce Strip, dry-aged: $65.

For Lighter, the current dry-aged trend is a return to business as usual.

We built a cooler and have a separate, dedicated space for the dry-aging. Actually, we recommissioned one of our old coolers. We've been around so long [75 years] that for half of our business we only did dry-aged beef. Then in the mid-60s we made the switch to cryovaccing and wet-aging. But before that it was all dry-aged. I remember when I was young and my father bought the wet-aging equipment. We still butchered our own sides of beef then and cut it down ourselves, here at the restaurant. Now dry-aging has come full-circle and we're having a lot of fun with it. We want to extend it to 42 days, do bone-in filets and porterhouse cuts and see what our customers think.

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