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Relive the Epic New Dynasty Brawl

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Photo: YouTube

Firecrackers, niangao and red paper envelopes may be how you celebrate the Year of the Horse but we prefer to reflect on one of the most epic restaurant brawls ever.

Call us sentimental but the ruckus that went down at the now-defunct New Dynasty restaurant in Chinatown in January 2012 was legendary. And, yes, technically the fracas did take place on New Year's Eve. But still. Remember?

The owner of New Dynasty restaurant, a mainstay in Montreal's Chinatown, said "it was just a regular night" until an exchange between two tables, who didn't know one another, erupted into a fight that snowballed into a spree of chair throwing, table tossing and glass smashing.
The introduction to the video is titled "Chinese vs Blacks." But police have no idea whether the fight sparked from a racial comment —in fact, they know little, if anything, about what spurred the brawl.

Brawl at New Dynasty

· Chair-throwing brawl at Montreal restaurant caught on YouTube [NP]