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New McDonald's Habs Burger Draws Scorn


A decision by McDonald's to draft two prominent members of the Montreal Canadiens has drawn the ire of a Quebec anti-childhood obesity group.

The recruitment of Daniel Brière and Brendan Gallagher to promote the chain sends a bad message to children, says Coalition Poids.

In fact, the players' involvement with the fast food giant extends beyond mere promotion; McDonald's also plans to launch a new burger in Brière and Gallagher's name across the province.

The director of Coalition Poids, Corine Voyer, herself the mother of a seven-year-old boy, spoke to the media about the decision yesterday: "Les petits garçons veulent tout faire comme leurs idoles du hockey. Il va falloir expliquer qu'elles ne prennent pas toujours les bonnes décisions et qu'on ne va pas nécessairement au McDonald's simplement parce que Brière et Gallagher y sont."

Voyer went on to add that she did not want to come down on amateur athletes who rely on sponsorships from the likes of McDonald's, such as diver Alexandre Despatie, but that professional hockey stars can probably manage without the extra income. Brière and Gallagher, respectively, make $4 million and $685,000.

Gallagher, for his part, told reporters that while his new sandwich was delicious, it probably is "not too good for the heart."

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