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After Half a Century Boul Noir Finds New Life as Fitzroy

Not your standard pool hall.

Inside the new Boul Noir, Fitzroy
Inside the new Boul Noir, Fitzroy
Adam Taubert

Boul Noir, a rare pool room holdover in Montreal, was recently purchased by Kevin Latrem (Apt. 200), Kyle Fowler and Jean-Simon Royer (Porte Rouge). The first order of business for the new owners: a Melbourne beer garden makeover courtesy designer Amlyne Phillips (Apt. 200, Scarlett, l’Gros Luxe). Hence the name change to Fitzroy, after the hip 'hood in Australia's second city.

With the aesthetic about-face, the pool hall cum sports bar (Fitzroy will screen every Habs game with sound) can now accommodate 52 customers, with room for a further 66 on a mezzanine. The space includes long communal tables and five intimate lounge spaces. A private party room for 50 to 65 people boasts a projector screen (think hockey) and traiteur services from the chef at Rachel Rachel. On that score, expect a complete food and beverage rerack as Fitzroy pivots to a "fast food gourmet" menu.

Take a look at the impressive new space at 551 Mont-Royal Est.