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Man Threatens to Sue Su Over Olive Pits

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When a plate of Turkish meze annoys, lawyer up.

Customers inside Montreal restaurant Su
Customers inside Montreal restaurant Su
Randall Brodeur

An acclaimed Montreal restaurant incurred the wrath of a customer last night over a plate of olives. The customer threatened staff at the ironically named Su, a popular Turkish restaurant in Montreal's Verdun borough, with a lawsuit because the olives were not pitted.

The incident calls to mind a high-profile case involving former U.S. congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, who sued the U.S. House of Representatives cafeteria for dental damage caused by an olive pit in a sandwich he bought in 2011. The lawsuit was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

For Su's patron the damage seems to have been purely emotional. Shortly after the episode chef-owner Fisun Ercan elucidated:

"My waiter told me he was really mad and said 'If I break my tooth with this it's going to cost me a fortune to repair. I'm a lawyer, I can sue you for this.' Apparently the people with him were shy because of his reaction. Our manager tried to explain that they were just marinated olives as a meze. He said they were dangerous."

Ercan went on to add that the litigous patron ordered the lamb shank after the olive incident.

"My waiter wanted to say 'Be careful there's a bone in it' but he didn't."

The customer's mood improved enough by the end of the meal for him to leave a 15% tip.

"But he still mentioned the olives like this was kind of a warning that we have to be careful about," said a bewildered Ercan.

Restaurant Su

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