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Diablos BBQ Opens Second Restaurant in old Euro Deli on the Main

Original restaurant closed after a fire over two weeks ago.

R.I.P. Euro Deli
R.I.P. Euro Deli
Diablos BBQ

After a marijuana grow-op almost went up in smoke in September, the original Diablos BBQ on Saint-Denis was forced to shutter. Now fans of the restaurant's ribs and brisket can take comfort in a second Diablos BBQ at 3619 Saint-Laurent, corner Prince-Arthur.

The address is auspicious. This was, after all, the home of Euro Deli from 1982 to 2013.

MTLBlog writes that the new Diablos BBQ is "like walking into an old-school saloon. The decor fits the classic southern style of the food, and the fully-stocked bar, with plenty of Jack Daniels, fills out the saloon vibe."