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See What Über Montreal Restaurant Designer Zébulon Perron Did in Westmount

At Lea, the new restaurant from the Grinder and Hachoir group.

Lea, a new temple of "Spanish and Portuguese modern cuisine" in Westmount, may have set the record for the most soft launch media events in Montreal restaurant history. But alas, the restaurant will open for lunch and dinner as of October 20.

ICYMI, Lea describes itself like this:

Picture Lea as this tall, striking blonde that can be spotted at the end of the bar. She entices you with her elegance and provocative aura. Whether it is wise to approach her is not clear. However, her gracious ways make it nearly impossible to resist her. Disregarding certain rules of the neighborhood, she goes out on a limb in order to draw you in to her bold and candid world.

All that aside, the sleek digs come courtesy the prolific designer Zébulon Perron. The man who gave us Furco, Grinder, Impasto, Buvette Chez Simone, Hachoir, Lustucru and more, has now left his mark in Westmount. All in all, Perron's vision looks like quite the upgrade for the space at 4922 Sherbrooke Ouest.

(Photos: Alain Dussault)