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Globe Closes After 21 Years in Business

The end of an era on the Main.

Globe is no more
Globe is no more

Farewell Globe.

The erstwhile employer of chefs like Martin Picard, Dave McMillan, Fred Morin, Chuck Hughes, François Nadon, Emma Cardarelli, Jean-François Baril and, as of this week, Jean-Philippe Miron, officially ends a two decade run today after a difficult period on the Main.

For principals Vincent Chiara, Massimo Lecas, Angelo Leone, Joao Pereira and Roberto Pesut, a number of factors led to the decision to close the famed restaurant and supper club: shifts in consumer tastes, long bouts of city construction and a more competitive landscape and business climate, to name just a few.

We sat down to discuss the state of the business and decided it made no sense to hold on for a few more months.

"We sat down to discuss the state of the business and decided it made no sense to hold on for a few more months," allows Pesut. "It's unfortunate because [Miron] is responsible for some of the best food we've had at Globe in years."

All may not be lost for the partners at 3455 boul. Saint-Laurent, however. Pesut will preserve the lease for now, with possible plans to refresh the space with a new concept.

Lecas spoke from Globe sister restaurant Buonanotte today. The restaurateur is pragmatic about the shutter.

"We had a long and excellent run. What could we have done? At the end of the day, not much. A lot of restaurants would love to sign up for twenty years of success. I'm very happy and proud."

One of Globe's enduring legacies was the restaurant's capacity to groom green cooks for high-profile careers, declares Lecas.

We showed these chefs that you can do quality food in a 200 seater.

"We showed these chefs that you can do quality food in a 200 seater. We took them to New York to places like Balthazar and Pastis to give them a sense of what we wanted to do in Montreal. I think the experience they gained at Globe gave them the courage to go out on their own. And we did that with a lot of big chefs. It wasn't a one-time thing."

The news of Globe's demise came as a surprise to at least two notable Montreal chefs.

"Fred and I feel like our ex-wife died! We had 10 great years there," says Joe Beef's McMillan.

Here is the official statement from Globe today:

It is with much gratitude and countless memories gathered over the past twenty years that Restaurant Globe at 3455 boul. St-Laurent has closed its doors and has served its last patron on Saturday, October 11th, 2014.

We are proud to have left our mark on the Montreal scene. Restaurant Globe created the to go place where food, lifestyle, fashion and nitelife all came together. The vision excelled beyond our expectations! The vision was Globe.

On the Main since 1993 much of our success story is greatly due in part to the succession of great chefs and multiple team players that contributed to our livelihood. And of course just as important, we could not have done it without the support of our families, friends and dear customers. Your loyalty has been our source of motivation with which today we look ahead in planning our new projects in Montreal and other North American cities.

In closing dear friends a heartfelt thank you! Till we meet again!

#goodbyeglobe #itsawrap

The Globe team,

Robbie Pesut, Joao Pereira, Benoît Gagnon, Chef J-P Miron and Silvana Pesut

Restaurant Globe

3455 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2T6 514-284-3823