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Your First Look at New Mile End Restaurant Thazard's Japanese Cart Menu

Partner Edward Zaki drops hints.

The old Cielo is about to become Thazard
The old Cielo is about to become Thazard

Thazard, the Japanese restaurant from Edward Zaki, Dave Schmidt, chef Hachiro Fujise and others, will soon replace Cielo at 5329 Saint-Laurent.

The "French bistro feel with a Japanese menu" will will resuscitate classic, gueridon cart service. As such, staff will torch a mackerel, sauce a dish or snip sprouts on a seaweed salad tableside. Branché.

Now we have a sense of what exactly will be on the menu. This photo, from the restaurant's Facebook page, is a boon for salty snack lovers and looks like chips on 'roids. Then there is this, a wide assortment of what we can only assume is Nipponese charc. And head-on crispy prawns anyone?

Look for Thazard to open later this month.